Cupcake Day and Launch of Memory Box Appeal

Cupcake Day

Cupcake Day is a national fundraising event for the Alzheimer’s Society. To find out more, or to host your own event, please click here: Cupcake Day

The In Our Day project will be hosting our own Cupcake Day at Walkley Library, between 10.30am and 12.30pm. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering on the day or doing some baking!

This will be a dementia-friendly event, with everyone welcome to eat, drink a cup of tea and have a chat, as well as to explore the library.

Please note that the library is not yet wheelchair accessible. Currently, access is via steps at the front of the library, or a a door around the back with a narrow ramp. Bus routes 95, 52a and 31 pass close to the library.

Walkley Library Memory Box

At the cupcake day, we will be launching our Walkley Library Memory Box appeal, to collect resources for dementia-friendly activities at the library for the In Our Day project, and in the future.

You will also be able to write down your memories associated with the object on luggage labels as well as being able to write longer pieces about your memories of Walkley.

Objects suitable for donation would be should be fairly small and not fragile or dangerous. A good object would be something that holds a memory for you, such as:

  • Household items such as an old flat iron, a wooden spoon or a kitchen gadget.
  • Crafted items, knitting patterns, craft materials.
  • Items of clothing, accessories.
  • Holiday memories e.g. sunglasses, an old film camera, postcards and souvenirs.
  • Photographs of local places, old football programmes, theatre programmes.
  • Toys from bygone eras, items to do with childhood.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or anything that you would like to contribute towards the event. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cupcake day 15th June 2019 poster

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